Tourism Planning and Development

Tourism planning and development integrates the teaching, research an outreach mission of UNH providing students the training the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, develop, and manage natural, cultural and financial resources of tourism regions in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Research has shown that all sectors of the tourism industry benefit from proper planning. The places with the best planned and managed tourism development are the most successful tourist destinations from the standpoint of both providing high quality tourists' experiences and bringing substantial benefits with minimum disruption to the local economy, environment and society.


Allison Percival attends ISSRM Conference in Vancover, BC

Students select a concentration in

  • Regional Tourism Planning, prepares students to obtain professional roles in planning in the private or public sectors of the tourism industry.
  • International Tourism Development, prepares students to work in the environment of international tourism development. Students are encouraged to complete a dual degree in International Affairs.

Students graduating with a degree in Tourism

  • are knowledgeable in the practical application of economic theory to planning the development of tourism resources,
  • familiar with tourism's role in local, state, national, global economic, and social development, and
  • understand the complexity of natural and social systems

Career/ Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Regional Tourism Planning

International Tourism Development

local and regional economic development organizations

chamber of commerce/convention & visistors bureaus

state and local offices of tourism development

local and regional planning commissions

resort communities

national tourism offices

international tourism organizations

national and foreign consults

multinational destination resorts